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The third chapter of my dissertation, "Compensation for exposure to increased environmental temperatures is costly in a montane, desert lizard",  has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Arid Environments! We looked at the effects of increased temperatures on a suite of behavioral and physiological traits in free-ranging greater short-horned lizards (Phrynosoma hernandesi) in Southeast Utah. This was a super fun, collaborative project aimed at disentangling the effects of climate change in a natural setting.


The first paper of my postdoc, "Bite or flight? Behavioral interactions between bark anoles and brown anoles in their nonnative range", was just accepted for publication in Journal of Zoology! This is a cool paper I wrote up from a study designed and implemented by a Florida International University Herpetology class. A lot of really bright undergraduate students were able to contribute to our understanding of interactions between invasive species in South Florida.


The first chapter of my dissertation has been accepted for publication in Journal of Thermal Biology! Be on the look out for my paper, "Temporal climatic variability predicts thermal tolerance in two sympatric lizard species".


I've accepted a position with Dr. Christian Cox at Florida International University. I'll be starting as a postdoctoral associate at the beginning of April, and I'll be moving to Florida in June!



I successfully defended my dissertation!!



My paper, "Thermal Biology Does Not Vary with Body Size in Greater Short-horned Lizards (Phrynosoma hernandesi)" was recently published in Herpetological Review.


I received a departmental research grant to continue my work modeling lizard body temperature using light-level data.


We're doing a bunch of work in the Battle Creek, MI area on basking behavior and nest site selection in map turtles on the Kalamazoo River.


Our paper, "Cellular and whole-organism effects of prolonged versus acute heat stress in a montane, desert lizard" was accepted for publication in Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A.


I was awarded a fellowship by the Canyonlands Research Center to continue my dissertation at their facility this summer.


I just returned from SICB 2020 in Austin, TX where I presented a poster on the thermal ecology of lizards across an elevational gradient, and a talk over the snake trophic morphology work that was recently accepted in Integrative Zoology. I was also briefly profiled in this year's Sundial Newsletter for the Canyonlands Research Center. You can check out that write-up here


I just got word that a manuscript I wrote up from my MS work has been accepted for publication in the journal Integrative Zoology! Keep an eye out for it in 2020!


My abstracts for some MS work and PhD work were accepted for SICB 2020. Looking forward to talking about some science again soon!


I'm getting ready to head down to the ESA conference in Louisville, KY!


We just got back from a six week stay in Utah. Tons of data to sift through!


Our paper, "Developmental plasticity of thermal ecology traits in reptiles: Trends, potential benefits, and research needs", was accepted for publication in Journal of Thermal Biology.


Two of our UT undergraduates were awarded Undergraduate Research Grants to come work with me in Utah this summer.


I was awarded a research grant from the Horned Lizard Conservation Society for my work in Utah.

Photo Credit: H. Streby
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